Antelope Valley RV Park was founded in April 1992 and is owned by the Curtis family in Delta, Utah. Antelope Valley RV Park is considered by many experts in the membership camping industry to be one of the safest home parks in the nation with which to become a member.

Basically, how the system works is, you must belong to a "home" park, such as Antelope Valley RV Park. Your home park will charge you an annual fee to belong. Antelope Valley RV Park's fees are among the lowest. The Curtis family owns and operates their park. This means lower overhead for sales commissions, management, accounting services, maintenance, etc.

Antelope Valley RV Park has three national affiliations Resort Parks International (RPI),Camp Coast to Coast (CCC) and Adventure Outdoor Resorts (AOR).  RPI, CCC and AOR are national affiliations with hundreds of participating parks located throughout the United States.

Once you have a home park, you may then become a member of Resort Parks International, Coast to Coast or Adventure Outdoor Resorts. RPI, CCC and AOR also charge you an annual membership fee. RPI, CCC and AOR bill their dues on the anniversary of your membership. Participating parks have no control over whether, at a later date, RPI, CCC or AOR decide to raise their dues. 

You are allowed two visits per park per year at participating parks. The visits cannot exceed 7 nights per visit with both the RPI and CCC system. With RPI, you must leave for at least a week before reentering the same park, and with CCC you must leave for at least one month. AOR allows you to use campsites up to 21 consecutive nights at all AOR affiliate resorts during non High-Use season periods. Members are allowed two (2) separate overnight stays of up to 14 consecutive nights each, at all AOR affiliate resorts during each respective resort's High-Use seasonal period. Members must remain out of the AOR system for seven (7) nights after any overnight stay of four (4) or more nights in the system. 

At this time, CCC  nightly stays are $10. (Coast Points) to the affiliate park for each night's stay. The Coast Points may be purchased directly from Coast to Coast.  AOR requires that the member present the affiliate park with $9.00 in cash for each overnight stay. 

A membership opens the door for six hundred of the finest camping resorts throughout the United States through Coast to Coast and Resort Parks International. For more information or to Purchase a membership.
Our address is: 776 West Main Street, Delta, UT 84624
GPS Coordinates: 39°21'N 112°35'W
Please feel free to email us or telephone our home office at 1-435-864-1813 with any questions or comments you might have. Thank you!

33 years of experience in the membership camping industry!

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